• NAMASTE HOME - SOY CANDLE - Green Tea Scent 95% soy, 5% paraffin - Toss the detox. Roll away the yoga mat. And just say, ‘no’ to that self-help book. Call in sick, draw a bath, light this green-tea infused scented candle and soak in the stillness of Namaste’in home. 
  • LAST NIGHT OF VACATION - SOY CANDLE - Magnolia Scent 95% soy, 5% paraffin. Outside it’s dusk but there’s an energy to the air. You tilt your head up and catch a waft of magnolias on the breeze.
  • GOOD GIRL GONE BAD - SOY CANDLE - Burns up to 32 hours. 95% soy, 5% paraffin. This candle has a wooden wick - At once fresh and spicy this is a scent that sets a mood that's #moody. Cultivated and cosmopolitan, light a match, let it burn and make a statement without saying a word.

These candles have a Square candle shape and comes in a frosted glass jar with removable bamboo logo embossed lid candle cover. It's packaged into a beautifully crafter Matt & Nat box. 
Burns up to 32 hours


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